Reforesting on your Country Acreage

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Reforesting on your country acreage is something that you need to accomplish to convert your area into a country garden.

Over time these will grow into a valuable natural resource.

On your country acreage you cut down and removed some dead, dying or trees you just wanted removed.

Doing this you have created some areas that are cleared.

It has been my experience that if these areas aren't planted with trees the area will convert to brush.

To replant your country acreage and convert it into a forestry garden the steps that you need to take are similar to a vegetable garden:

  • Prepare the area for planting

  • Select the species you want to grow

  • Plant the seedlings

  • Protect from wildlife

  • Thin the stand

  • Harvest when mature

The first step is to prepare the areas for the planting trees

The ground should be cleared of the debris that is covering the ground and any vegetation that could compete with the seedlings.

If the ground is level enough you can use your crawler for this task.

Pile the debris out of the area and when the season will permit it you can burn it or just leave it to decompose.

If the ground is too steep for the crawler you will have to do this task by hand.

Use the small chainsaw and axe for this chore.

I usually cut things small enough so I can handle them easily.


If you have small saplings, 1 1/2inch on big end, cut these down and cut off about 5 feet or so.

Save these for walking sticks.

Now that you have the area prepared you can open up the following pages and get some information on :

  • Seedling Selection

  • Obtain Seedlings

  • Tree Planting

  • Maintenance of Seedlings

  • Wildlife Protection

  • Wildlife Control

I believe that it will be time well spent for you to check these pages and get some information about planting trees on your country acreage.

Seedling Selection

Now that you have the area cleared out it is time to choose the species you want to plant.

If you choose the ones that are now growing on your forestry garden, it is a safe bet they will grow.

There are the ones that will grow in shade or partial shade and then those that require a lot of light. Go to this page to get the needed information on this.

Obtain Seedlings

Now that you have decided the species it is time to acquire the seedlings.

You should try and get a seedling that will grow well in your area.

Seedlings are grown from seed that is collected from different elevations and areas.

You should determine that your elevation and area is compatible.

I have tried to give you some valuable information on how to obtain seedlings.

Tree Planting

Now you have your forestry garden area prepared and have the seedlings you want to plant.

It is now time to get to work.

The following page will give you insight as to how to go about this task.

Maintenance Seedlings

Now that you have the trees planted it will be up to you to make sure they don't get crowded out by the adjacent vegetation.

On this page I have tried to give you some valuable information on how to do this.

Go to this page.

Wildlife protection

Unfortunately the wildlife likes the taste of the seedlings.

I have found some things that work to keep them away from our hard work.

Go to this page for some information on this subject.

Wildlife Control

There are other varmints that want to destroy your seedlings.

I offer some tips that perhaps will help you control these.

Go to this page for some information on this.

Storm Damage

When a storm hits your forestry garden there is likely to be some damage done to your young trees.

I have some tips that perhaps will help you overcome this damage.

Go to this page for these tips.

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