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Use the mule utility vehicle that has 4 wheel drive and is known as a sport UV to accomplish the required tasks on your country acreage as you are following the forestry gardening tips offered here on this site.

Put some fun into the work.

This is a piece of equipment that I have used while turning my country acreage into a forestry garden, following the forestry gardening tips.

This turns work into fun, so I use this a lot.

The only mistake I made was not obtaining it sooner.

Looking back I can see that there are numerous jobs that I could have done easier and with less effort, if only I had this vehicle.

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What is this vehicle and how can it save me time and effort as I do my tasks on my forestry garden?

The following are some of the specs on the mule 610 UV that I now have.

I settled for the Kawasaki mule 610.

They were one of the first to make these.

There are numerous brands of these on the market today but I am comfortable with the tried and proven one, the Kawasaki mule 610.

The following are some of the specs of the Mule 610:

  • Seat: Set down and rest between tasks

  • Steering wheel:

    Just like driving your pickup

  • Top:

    Keeps rain, etc. off you, protects from falling debris

  • Windshield:

    Keeps rain, wind from blowing in face

  • Bed:

    Large enough to haul wood, tools, supplies etc.

  • Size:

    Narrow and short, maneuver around trails

  • Power:

    4 wheel drive, positive lock differential, motor large enough to handle largest task

This vehicle is somewhat like a scaled down version of a pickup.

It has the same items on it.

A seat that you can set on and relax while traveling from one task to another.

A steering wheel just like your pickup.

The controls, shifter, brake and throttle are similar to your pickup.

The small size will let you maneuver around your forestry garden on the narrow roads you have made.

You will be able to turn it around in a confined area.

It is light so even when loaded there will not be much force down on the ground.

You will be capable of traveling thru an area on your forestry garden with little effect on the surrounding vegetation.

With the utility bed you can transport your firewood from where you cut it to the area where it is to be stored.

With it's small size you will be able to maneuver the utility vehicle to where it will be easier to offload the firewood.

The bed has a dump feature that will speed things up for you.

Save you the effort and time required to offload by hand.

With the 4 wheel drive and positive lock differential you can travel the trails you have made on your forestry garden with ease and safety.

Getting close to the area you need to get to.

The closer you can get the less effort and time it will require you to complete


When you have a top it will make this something you can operate when the weather is less than ideal.

It also will keep things from raining down on you, leaves, limbs and etc.

It has a roll bar so if you should tip it over, not very likely, you are offered protection.

This bar will also protect you from the larger falling objects.

A windshield will make for a more comfortable trip when the weather is less than ideal.

It doesn't take much rain blowing in to soak you through.

When you add in the wind blowing in your face this can take some of the fun out of operating this utility vehicle as you are following the forestry gardening tips.

The factory tires do a fair job of getting around on the trails if the ground isn't too wet.

If you want to travel your trails when the ground is wet there is the option of installing a more aggressive tread tire.

They will make a huge difference but if the utility vehicle is operated on soft ground with these tires be prepared for the ground to be disturbed.

Another thing that will happen is that when you go from the muddy trails to your gravel, etc. the mud will be tracked on this.

The mud will be slung off the tires and deposited wherever it lands.

There are a couple of drawbacks to the utility vehicle:

  • They are not street legal so when you travel on a public surfaced road you will have to take your pickup

  • You may have a difficult time keeping your children, grandchildren, etc. out from in front of the steering wheel.

    These utility vehicles are so much fun to operate that everyone wants to be the operator.

When and if you obtain a utility vehicle you will no doubt be like a lot of us:

Wonder how you managed to get along without one.

Now you can accomplish the converting of your country acreage into a forestry garden by following the forestry gardening tips.

Do all of this with less effort and time and have an excuse to drive it.

Put some fun back into work.

Now that you are on your way of making your forestry garden I invite you to go to this next step you need to take to continue on with this journey.

Click on chain saws selection to check out chainsaws and choose the one that you can operate safely and easily.

The following are some pages that will give you information of the accessories that I believe are a necessity for the operation and comfort of the utility vehicle.

Roof top utility vehicle

Keep the elements off of you as you operate your vehicle.

Keep the fun in the work.

Windshield utv

Protect your body from the elements and debris while you are operating the utility vehicle.

utv bumpers

Protect your vehicle from damage when you accidentally run into an object.

From utility vehicle to forestry gardening tips

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