Tips on Lumber Production from the Timber on your Forestry Garden

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If you are going to be making lumber production out of the timber on your forestry garden you have the need for a machine that will make this possible.

There are many different types of portable sawmills on the market today.

In order for you to end up with a method of sawing your timber safely and easily then look at these tips.

There are questions to be answered

  • How much money you want to invest

  • How much production desired

  • What type of lumber you want to cut

  • What species of timber available

  • How much experience you have around this type of machinery

One of the answers that will greatly influence your decision is how much money you want to invest?

The money to effort applies here.

The more money you invest in a sawmill the less effort it will take for you to make lumber production from your timber.

The amount of finished product in a period of time will be a factor.

Some types of sawmills can make boards faster then others.

I must caution you though.

Many manufactures state the output on the high end.

This is similar to automobile manufactures on gas mileage.So when hearing of the board foot production from one of these, focus in on the low end.They set a figure where everything goes along without any hitches.This is not realistic.Things happen, not counted upon.

The type of lumber production you desire will depend upon what you desire to use this for.

  • Are you going to be building some structures?
  • Are you mostly interested in the making of furniture?

The species of timber on your forestry garden will dictate the type of boards you can produce.

Usually the softwoods, evergreen, are used for dimension boards.

The hardwoods are more suited for the making of boards for the finished work.

Another factor to consider in the choosing of a portable sawmill is how comfortable you are around this type of machinery.

The sawmills are designed to be operated safely and easily and if operated this way you have nothing to worry about.

These are the questions that you must answer honestly and with some thought.

Now that you have the answers you can make an informed decision and obtain a sawmill to make lumber out of your timber on your country acreage.

Different types of portable sawmills

One of the first sawmills developed was of the circular saw type.

This is a sawmill that uses one or a number of round blades with teeth to make lumber production.

portable circular sawmill

I have a circular sawmill that I use mainly for the making of dimension boards from large logs.

I invite you to go to this page to get more information on this mill.

bandsaw sawmill

I use a band sawmill to make lumber out of the hardwoods.

I use these boards for the making of finished products.

You can go to this page to get more information on this sawmill.

lumber drying

Now that you have boards that you want to use for finished products you need to get the moisture content out of them.

Go to this page for the needed information.

wood planer

If you are going to use your lumber for finished projects you will need it planed.

Go to this page to get this information.

resources lumber

When you make lumber production from your logs there will be produced resources that you should make use of.

Go to this page to get some tips on how to do this

From lumber production to forestry gardening tips

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