Resources Lumber that are Produced when you make Lumber How you Can and Should Utilize them

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The resources lumber that are produced when you make lumber from the logs on your forestry garden.

How you can and should utilize them for your advantage.

As you take the logs and saw them into lumber there are a number of different resources that are produced that you can and should utilize.

Some of the byproducts when you make boards and the uses of:

  • Sawdust

  • Slabs

  • Shavings

One of the most obvious is the sawdust that is produced when the logs are sawn.

It will depend on the amount of sawing you do but this can amount to quite an impressive amount.

This makes for very good mulch but needs to be used with caution.

Some species have chemicals that can do harm to certain plants if used too soon.

It is safer to let the sawdust age for awhile before using it to be on the safe side.

Do some research first before applying this.

When you saw a round log into a square shape there are the parts that are cut off that are waste and this is where some of the resources comes from.

These aren't suitable for lumber so you might just as well use them for fire wood.

I use a rack to store the slabs as they are cut.

This keeps them in an orderly location and then when it is time to cut them into fire wood it is all set to go.

I take my larger chain saw and cut down thru the stack.

The pieces are captured with the upright stakes so they can't fly back and strike me.

This makes excellent fire wood when mixed in with some of the larger material.

Normally if you use this by itself it will burn too hot.

When you take the rough boards and pass them thru your planer to make them smooth there are going to be a lot of shavings produced.

You may just as well utilize this resources lumber for mulch.

Make sure that the species you have these shavings from will not harm your plants if applied while the shavings are new.

If this is the case then let the shavings age for a period of time.

When the shavings are ready to be used then spread them around your plants for excellent mulch.

The plants will appreciate this and you have now made good use of a resource that you needed to get rid of.

So as you are making lumber from the logs on your forestry garden you have also made resources lumber that you have now made good use of either as heat for your home or as food for your plants.

This is a win-win situation.

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From resources lumber to forestry gardening tips

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