Logging, the Trees from your Forestry Garden

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Logging is the removal of trees from your Forestry Garden.

You can turn these trees into lumber or firewood, whichever you need or want.

When you harvest your Forestry Garden of the dead, dying, wind blown

or just trees you want removed, you will create areas that will be ideal for your overall plan of turning your country acreage into a Forestry Garden.

You need to determine what trees you want to cut down on your Forestry Garden

Walk around the area and observe:

  • Dead or dying trees

  • Wind blown trees

  • Trees you want removed to make room for projects.

  • Trees, if removed will make a safer area, from fire, wind, etc.

There are different ways to accomplish this task.

There are factors that will determine the equipment you will require.

  • The size of the trees will determine the size of the equipment required

  • How steep the terrain is

  • How much money you have to invest in equipment

  • How quickly you need to clear your area of the timber

If your timber is small you can perhaps get by with using your pickup truck.

If they are of any size at all you will need something with more pulling power, a tractor.

If the terrain is steep and rough.

You will need something that can maneuver around safely and easily.

Money is a factor when you need to obtain some equipment.

It is usually proven that the more money you invest in equipment the easier and safer the task gets accomplished.

The time that you have to harvest your trees is an important factor.

If you need to accomplish this task quickly, then you need some very efficient equipment.

You want to harvest your Forestry Garden and turn it into either lumber or firewood.

You need to do this as safe and easy as you can.

It will be cheaper and more effective if you get some good knowledge about what you will require.

Do this before you start on this journey of yours of turning your country acreage into a forestry garden.

I urge you to check out the following pages and explore ideas as to how you are going to accomplish this task.

Utility Vehicle

If you haven't already done so, one of the first things you are going to need for logging is a utility vehicle.

Turn work into fun, with this machine.

Chain Saw Selection

I urge you to go to this page and get the needed information on a chain saw that you can operate safely and easily.

Pickup Truck

If the terrain is flat or gently sloping you could get away with using a pickup truck.

This is

a method that could end up to be not cost effective method.

It is very likely that you will end up damaging your expensive pickup

Wheel tractor

This is a better option for cases where the terrain is flat or gently sloping.

I must caution you on how unstable one of these can be.

Operate it with extreme caution and do not exceed it's limitations.

Small Crawler

If the area that you are going to be working on is steep or rough terrain you should consider a crawler tractor. This machine is one of the safest for logging and one I recommend you consider the small crawler seriously.

Large crawler

If you have large trees then you are going to have a

need for a large crawler tractor.


must be aware that when you use one of these, you will disturb a lot of surrounding vegetation.

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