Pickup truck for logging your country acreage as you convert it into a forestry garden

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If you are like most of us you already have a pickup truck, or are wanting to get one.

Hopefully it is a 4x4 truck one with the tires that have an aggressive tread.

If you are going to use this for logging your country acreage turning it into a forestry garden, you need a pickup that is a stump puller.

One that has most of the following listed items:

  • Four wheel drive

  • Tires with aggressive tread

  • Engine with power

  • Not afraid of dents or scratches

  • Not used for family vehicle

When you start using your pickup for offroad you are subjecting it to a task that is not its primary function.

Granted it can pull some of the smaller logs on gentle ground, but when you subject it to the task of moving the larger logs, I am afraid that one of two things will happen.

You will manage to get the log to move a short distance, or the more likely outcome will be. You will break something on your expensive piece of equipment, your pride and joy pickup.

We like to think that the big trucks can do anything that we ask of it to do.

But you must be realistic and accept the limitations of this pickup truck.

It is designed for certain tasks like hauling and pulling an amount of weight that is in its limits.

When we ask it to do more than that we are asking for trouble.

So use this rig for the way it was designed for and it will keep on working for you.

Ask it to do more and you will end up paying.

Perhaps you are just starting out on this journey of turning your country acreage into a forestry garden, and this is the only means you have to move these logs so they can be converted into firewood or logs for lumber.

If this is the case I understand.

I have been there, but I must caution you to take it easy with this pickup as you use it for this task.

Only use it this way until you can get a piece of equipment more suited for the task at hand.

I believe that there is machinery on the market that is better suited for what needs to be done as you are making your forestry garden.

I think it would be well worth your time and effort to do some research on the different types offered.

There is the wheel tractor that can be used on the more level ground.

If your forestry garden is of this sort than perhaps this will work for you.

Check it out.

My favorite means of getting the tasks done on my forestry garden is the crawler tractor.

I think that this is the ideal solution for me.

My garden is not level ground so I need something that is stable on the steep ground.

The crawler does fit the bill for this in a safe manner.

It will be worth your time to check this out.

Go to this page for some information on the small crawler tractor.

Yes, you can use your pickup truck on your forestry garden but there are many more types of equipment better suited to the task.

You want to get the jobs done safely and easily.

From pickup truck to logging

From pickup truck to forestry gardening tips

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