Large Crawler Tractor for Logging your Forestry garden, Advantages, Disadvantages

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A large crawler tractor can be used for logging on your forestry garden but there are advantages and disadvantages to using one of these.

If your country acreage that you strive to convert into a forestry garden, has a lot of the larger trees that you should remove or want to remove, then perhaps you should think about obtaining a larger crawler tractor.

A good used machine can be obtained for no more than scrap price at times.

It does take some searching around to find the one that will fit your budget and needs.

Be prepared to do some mechanic work on whatever you end up getting.

This is an opportune time to get familiar with the crawler and just what makes it tick.

I think it is a good idea to change out the fluids that make it operate.

This will give you a fresh start and you will know the levels are safe.

The following are some of the specifications that I feel you should try and have on the bulldozer you end up getting.

This will make for a large crawler tractor that can get the job done safely and easily.

The following points are:

  • Weight: 20,000lbs to 100,000lbs +-

  • Fuel: Diesel

  • Blade:

    8ft to 14ft +, 6way preferably , Hydraulic control

  • Winch:

    Winch line 3/4inch to 1 1/2inch, 100ft +-

  • Winch Arch:

    Lifts end of log off ground

  • Canopy:

    Metal, w/ back screens, side screens

This is going to be a heavy machine.

If you have to move it from one location to another, this is not something you will be capable of doing with your pickup and car trailer.

You will have to hire it moved by a heavy equipment moving company.

Be prepared to pay a hefty fee to have this done.

The weight will hinder you while maneuvering around your country forestry.

If you have some ground that isn't very firm it will sink down and either make a deep depression or bog down to where it will be stuck, not a good thing.

The more weight that travels over the terrain the more apt there is that damage will be done.

It has been my experience that these larger machines cost more to repair.

With the price of scrap metal going thru the roof a lot of the larger crawlers are being scraped and this makes it more difficult to obtain the used parts.

Parts are still available out there but it does take some searching to find them.

If you operate your large crawler tractor with the idea of not tearing it up, it will normally operate okay without breaking down, but it can be broken.

This larger crawler tractor is going to have a blade that is wider.

This works to your advantage if you want to clear a lot of area but if you want to maintain the surrounding vegetation in your forestry garden this will hinder you.

When you make an inroad to get the trees that you want removed, a lot of area will be disturbed.

A winch is almost a must if you are going to be logging the trees on your garden.

This is an item attached to the back of the crawler tractor, with a cylinder that turns via control and power from the crawler.

A steel cable is attached to the cylinder, drum, and when wound around the drum the end comes closer to the crawler.

If you have a log attached to this line then it will be pulled to the crawler.

An added plus is a winch with an arch.

The arch picks one end of the log up off the ground and this makes dragging the log easier.

It also keeps the logs cleaner and you will appreciate this when you convert the logs into either firewood or lumber.

I feel that it is a must to have a metal canopy.

This is essentially a metal cage you set in while operating the crawler.

If in the off chance you tip it over this will offer you some protection.

The metal top will give you:

  • Protection: from the elements, rain, snow, hail, etc

  • Protection: from sun, less sunburn

  • Protect: your body from falling debris

  • Protect: you from backlash if the winch line comes loose or breaks

So, yes a large crawler tractor can do a good job of logging the large logs on your forestry garden, but you need to keep in mind that this machine does a lot more damage to the surrounding environment.

You must weigh one thing off against the other, make a decision and go for it.

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