Wheel tractor for Logging your Forestry Garden

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A wheel tractor can be a suitable machine for the task of logging your forestry garden. You can move the logs from where you fell them to an area where you can convert them

into firewood or logs for lumber.

If you have or chose to get a farm tractor to put to this use you should make sure that it has enough pulling power to move your logs, safely and easily.

It is a mistake to use an underpowered machine.

You will not complete the task and may tear something up that will require time and money to fix.

This does not accomplish what you set out to do.

This type of gardening equipment has a drawback that you must keep in mind.

The only contact with the ground the tractor has is the area of the tires touching the ground.

If you look at it in this fashion you will observe that there just isn't much contact at any given time.

The stability is determined by the strength of the tires.

If there is force applied either downward or sideways the tires determine how the machine will react.

If it will remain in the normal position or it will tip, go away from the force applied.

This is why if you chose to use one of these for your task of logging, you need to be careful about running over obstacles and when going up and down inclines.

Unfortunately the wheel tractor is prone to tipping over and if you use one of these I strongly recommend the added protection of a roll bar canopy with a metal top.

The roll bar will give you some protection when and if the tractor does tip over.

The metal top will protect you from the falling limbs and such.

Perhaps it will prevent you from ending up with a knot on the top of your head.

Some feel that the farm tractor doesn't disturb the area as much as other types of gardening equipment.

You must keep in mind how small of an area is in contact with the ground surface at one time and this is what determines the traction.

If the traction is lost the tires start slipping, thus digging into the ground, disturbing the area.

The weight of the tractor is supported with the small area of the tires and is apt to sink in the ground.

If you feel that this is the ideal way for you to log your country acreage while turning it into a forestry garden, then I want to caution you to keep in mind the limitations of this type of equipment and keep in mind that if you break your equipment or your body, this will put you behind schedule as you are making your forestry garden.

I prefer to use a crawler tractor for logging on my forestry garden. I invite you to go to this page for information on what I feel is the ideal piece of equipment for this task. small crawler tractor

Make sure the wheel tractor has enough power and weight to move the logs that you need moved.

When pulling a log it takes less power to move it if you can get one end up off the ground.

An added advantage is that the log stays cleaner and this works to your advantage when you convert it into firewood or lumber.

There are different ways to accomplish this and one way is with a piece of equipment known as an arch.

This connects to the tractor and lifts the end of the log up and holds it suspended while being moved.

From wheel tractor to logging

From wheel tractor to forestry gardening tips

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