Portable Circular Sawmill turn your Timber into Lumber

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A portable circular sawmill will turn your timber into lumber quickly and easily.

With this sawmill you can make dimensional or any type of lumber for your use to build structures or many different projects on your acreage.

A mill of this type is the oldest type of sawmill.

When the idea to make lumber from timber came about this was the type that was used for years.

It consists of a round blade with teeth inserts that can be sharpened and replaced is the most common type.

This works to your advantage when you cut into something hard.

Like a bolt or nails.

This does have a tendency to quickly ruin the teeth.

portable circular sawmil

I have used this type of mill for years and have found that it is an easy and quick way to make the dimensional lumber that I require for the construction of structures that I want built.

The quality of the lumber is true enough in the measurements through-out the board length that I do not have trouble with the fitting up.

If you have ever tried to use lumber that varies in the height and width then you know what I am saying.

Even when this varies by a small amount it will add up and make quite a difference.

With the mill I have I can set the log on the holders and not have to reposition it again.

  • This mill does cut a finished board on one pass.

  • It has the three blades that makes this possible.

  • The board is returned to the operator when the saw comes back to get ready for another cut.

This saw does cut a larger kerf than other types of mills but overall it will get as much return from a log.

This is possible because of the way it cuts.

The operator can make cuts to get more return.

The teeth on the blade cut the material in the log as it is making lumber.

This may not strike you as an important feature but it is.

Some mills use teeth that instead of cutting the material they tear the material loose.

This will show up when cutting something that is hard, knots or tough grain.

With this mill it is possible to cut logs into lumber that has a sever grain.

The blade will cut this material true eliminating the warp problem that other mills can not accomplish.

This can be a large factor if you are faced with this problem.

It can and does take some of the fun out of sawing when you turn out boards that are useless because of warping or some such defect.

The portable circular sawmill is an easy safe way for you to turn your timber into dimensional lumber.

  • You can make a lot of lumber without a lot of effort on your part.

  • You will be capable of sawing up the large logs from your forestry garden making lumber that is true in dimensions.

  • You can get one of these mills that is capable of sawing lumber from the smallest dimensions up to 12inch x 12inch lumber.

  • Make a board that is smooth in finish.

    Do all of this without you having to make a lot of different adjustments and maneuvers.

  • Stand in one spot and stack the lumber as it comes back to you.

Overall I believe that the portable circular sawmill is well suited for turning your logs on your forestry garden into lumber.

You can do this easily and safely.

I hope that you will seriously consider one of these for your use.

There is another type of saw mill that I use to saw my hardwoods, turning it into lumber suitable for finished projects.

Check out the bandsaw sawmills page

When you start cutting logs into lumber with your sawmill there are tools that you need to move the logs and lumber around. A peavey and picker-roon are a couple. I invite you to go this site and get some information of these:

Misc Mill Equip

A handy tool that you can use to remove foreign material from the log before you saw it is the Log De Barker.  Go to the following site to get more needed information on this handy tool:

From portable circular sawmill to lumber production

From portable circular sawmill to forestry gardening tips

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