Seedling selection for your forestry garden. Tips on how to choose the proper ones

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The seedling selection for your forestry garden.

Tips on how to choose the proper ones for the reclamation of your forestry garden.

If you choose the correct ones they will have a very good chance of growing quite well.

However if you make a mistake and choose the incorrect ones then you can be disappointed in the outcome.

Now that you have the area cleared out it is time to choose the species you want to plant.

If you choose the ones that are now growing on your forestry garden, it is a safe bet they will grow.

You should make a decision as to what you want your forestry garden to look like.

When you are in this process of reclamation of the area you have the opportunity to plant seedling from nurseries that are not only eye pleasing in your forestry garden but will add value.

You should keep in mind though there are factors that will limit you in the selection of the seedlings that you are going to use for your planting trees in your garden.

Some of the trees will grow in shade or partial shade and then there are those that require a lot of light.

Shade and partial shade species are:

  • Hardwood

  • Cedars

  • Hemlock

  • White wood evergreen

  • Some pines

Species that require more light

  • Douglas fir

  • Some pines

There are other factors that I think you should keep in mind as you go about the seedling selection.

  • What type of wood or lumber you want to acquire

  • How much area you have to grow the trees

  • How fast you want the trees to grow

The type of wood you want to end up getting out of your trees will limit the species of seedlings you can plant.

If you want lumber for the building of finished products then you would be better off planting the hardwood seedlings.

If you want lumber to use for the building of structures then you would be better off planting the softwood seedlings.

Some of the species of trees require a larger area around each tree.

This is known as the spacing.

If the spacing is larger, it will then require more area to get a certain number of trees planted.

So if you have limited area and want to get more return from the trees growing you would be advised to limit the species to the ones that need smaller spacing.

If you have a lot of area and have a need for a species that does require more spacing then go ahead and plant them.

Some species of seedlings grow faster than others.

Normally the softwoods are the faster growing so this is a factor in your decision of species.

You need to think about what it is your are trying to accomplish in your forestry garden.

Do you want a tree to come to maturity in your life time or are you planting the seedlings for your future generation?

The answer to this question will depend to a large extent on your age now.

It is very rare that you can count on your seedlings being large enough for you to utilize for lumber before thirty plus years.

To some this may seem like a long time but in reality it goes by quite quickly.

It is a good thing when you have a seedling growing on your forestry garden watching as each and everyday it is getting larger.

This growing process does not require a lot of your time and effort.

However there are certain things that do need some attention. You can go to the pages in reforesting to get hints on what is required to make the seedlings grow and keep on growing.

After you have the seedling selection done your next step will be to obtain seedlings.

You can go to the obtain seedlings page at reforesting, and get some information on how to do this.

From seedling selection to reforesting

From seedling selection to forestry gardening tips

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