Maintenance trails on your forestry garden, Necessary so you can enjoy the benefits of your labors

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There is a certain amount of maintenance trails on your forestry garden if you are going to make it so you can enjoy the benefits of your forest garden.

When you make the roads through the forests as you are harvesting the resources you have made trails that you can walk on and enjoy the forest garden.

However the vegetation along the trails has a habit of growing each and every year.

If you don't do your required maintenance this brush will over a short period of time reclaim the area.

This will make for a very unsatisfactorily stroll thru the garden.

What I try to do at least once a year is go down each and every trail and brush out along the sides.

And of course there will be some trees or brush windblown and laying across the trails.


I have came to the conclusion that for the cutting of the smaller stuff the machete works quite well.

I like to use this for the maintenance trails because it is simple and quiet.

It does take more effort perhaps than other methods but you will get the added advantage of the exercise.

This is one of the pieces of equipment that you have to be careful while using.

I recommend that while using this you keep others a good distance away from where you are using it.

You will need to use the flat file on occasion to keep the edge on the cutting blade of the machete.

If you choose to go with the Swedish brush axe.

It is of a different design and the way it is made is a safer alternative to the long blade type machete.

This does work quite well and it definitely is a safer way to go.

small chainsa

For the larger vegetation or trees you will need to cut as you perform the maintenance trails I like to use the small chain saw.

This saw is light enough that I can use it for a period of time without getting fatigued.

It is capable of cutting even the larger material that I may be faced with.

If I come across a large tree that I may have to cut

I drag out the bigger saw.

I normally go back away from the trail a distance of six or so feet and cut the vegetation.

This works well for me and gives the added advantage of time in between when I have to do this chore again.

I do not cut so far back that it spoils the eye pleasing effect of the growing vegetation.

There are a lot of different types of equipment available to clear the trails on your forestry garden

I have listed only the two that I normally use.

I have tried other methods of doing this task and have found this works well for me.

Which ever method you choose to use the maintenance trails is something that you must keep doing yearly.

You want to have trails that you and others can walk on so you can enjoy the benefits of your forest garden.

From maintenance trails to benefits forestry garden

From maintenance trails to forestry gardening tips

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