Firewood Slabs Rack use to make Firewood from your Slabs Safely and Easily

Firewood slabs rack use to make firewood from your slabs safely and easily.

A log is round and when you make it into a square shape to make lumber you cut off the sides which produces slabs.

You should utilize this resource that is made when you saw a log into lumber on your sawmill.

If you cut these slabs into lengths that will fit into your stove you have an excellent source of fire wood.

In order for you to cut these into lengths safely and easily you need some method of keeping the slab secured.

There are a number of ways that you can accomplish this. I have came up with a method that works for me. I want to share with you what I have constructed:

Firewood Slabs Rack

firewood slab print

This rack is made out of 2x4 and 2x6 lumber, treated is preferable, but if not available you can treat your lumber with a preservative.

It is designed so that the stakes are removable. This is to make the unloading process more convenient.

You can use galvanized nails, #10, and #16 or screws, or lag bolts. I have used all of these as the case warrants.

The rack that I have illustrated here is designed for lumber 8ft with trim. I cut wood at 16inch length. You can and should vary the dimensions to suit what you desire.

When I off-bear the slab from the mill I try to keep the front end flush and stack the slabs so they lay flat if possible.

When it is time to cut the slabs into usable lengths I first mark the top slab with a lumber crayon on both sides. This is necessary because my bar is only 28inch. I cut all the way down on one side and then go over to the other side to complete the cut. Continue doing this until you have all of the lengths cut.

Now that you have your slabs rack built you can safely and easily make firewood from your slabs

It is advisable to use the larger chainsaw because you are cutting a lot of material. This will make this chore safer and easier. Click this link to get needed information:

Large Chainsaw

If some of the slabs are too wide to fit into the stove you can use the splitting maul to split them. Go to this page for information on this tool:

Splitting Maul

Now that you have all of this fire wood you need some way to transport it. Go to this page to get the information on the ideal means to do this:

Utility Vehicle

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