Debarker Sawmill use on your Portable Saw Mills to keep Blades Sharp

Debarker sawmill use on your portable saw mills to keep blades sharp and or protect the tooth on saw.


When you start turning your logs from your forestry garden into lumber you will find that the blades or saws get dull easily from dirty logs.


I have used an axe for years to clean off the logs that I am going to turn into lumber on my portable sawmills.  This works, but it does take time and effort to get a clean log and can at times be an unsafe practice.


A better method to use to prolong the life of the cutting tool is with a tool that will remove the bark and foreign material off the log, quickly and safely.


Following is just such a tool.  I believe that this is the ideal tool to remove the bark and foreign material off your logs before you saw them.


This tool is secured to the end of the bar on your chainsaw.  All you need do is move it down the length of the log.  By doing this you  will remove the bark and foreign material, safely and easily,  from the cutting area.


If you do not at this time have a chainsaw then you can go to the following pages to get some information on the type of saw that you can operate safely and easily:  chain saws selection


This tool uses the planer blades from a Bosch hand planer.  These blades are tough enough to withstand abuse, but when removing rocks, dirt and hard knots, you should expect wear.


When you utilize this tool you will end up with a surface clear of all foreign material.  


The longer you can keep the blade sharp or the tooth from being ruined the more lumber you can produce.


It  takes time to change blades or sharpen teeth.


One of these will be an investment in money but it does cost money to replace the bands or teeth on your sawmill.  When you cut into rocks and other hard objects it will dull or ruin the cutting tool.


So you need to decide if the investment in one of these debarker sawmill tools will fit into your operation.


I urge you to seriously consider this as a labor and cost saving device.  After you use it you will wonder how you managed without one

Go to this site to get some more needed information about one of these time and cost saving tools:

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