Walking Sticks you can use for Hiking on your Forestry Garden

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Walking sticks are something you can use on your forestry garden as you are hiking the trails enjoying the eye pleasing views.

This is just one of the many benefits of you having developed your forestry garden.

As you were busy cutting the trees on your garden I hope you took my advice and saved the ones that were more or less straight.

One and a half inches or so on the big end and four to six feet long.

If you did not or do not have these available at this time it would be good to go in search for something of this sort.

walking stick

As you can see from the above picture these are some of the walking sticks that I have made over the years.

They are handcrafted from some of the material that would end up discarded.

When you are hiking thru your forestry garden there are times when having a staff will give you enough support to prevent you from taking a nasty fall.

I start out with a reasonably straight shaft 1 1/2 " or so, 4ft or up to 6ft in length.

  • It is a good thing to cut the small limbs off flush.

  • Then peel the bark off.

    Do not set them aside and wait to peel the bark.

    If you do this it makes getting the bark off difficult.

Now that you have the bark off it is time to take a wood file and file the knots down flush with the surface.

This is done so they will not be rough on your hands.

After this step I like to take some sandpaper and sand the overall surface smooth.

After this is completed you can set them aside in a dry warm place to get the moisture content to come out of them.

How long this will take depends on how much moisture they have in them.

When they are good and dry you can then take the next step for the making of the walking sticks.

I like to make a carving of the species on the upper end.

This is so if someone inquires as to what it is made of I can answer intelligently.

I can glance at the name and cheat if I can't recognize what it is.

You will find that when you have a number of different species this can and does happen.

If you are not good at hand carving I have found a way to put the name on the stick that works well for me.

I first use a dermal tool with a cutter bit and trace the name in the wood.

After this is done I take a black sharpie pen and go over the letters.

This makes the name stand out quite well.

The next step will be to seal the surface with a good exterior clear sealer.

I use a varathane type sealer and it seems to work okay for me.

Set them aside for a period of time so they will get good and dry.

Now that you have the sticks constructed it is time to try them out.

As you are hiking through your forestry garden enjoying the sights.

You will be amazed how much comfort it will give you to have this walking stick.

If you come to an area that is steep it will give you that added bit of support you require to keep from falling.

The staff can also be used to explore different types of vegetation without you having to get too close to it.

Just use the end of the stick to prod and probe whatever it is you are interested in.

So as you are hiking through your forestry garden with your handcrafted walking sticks just enjoy one of the many benefits of your forestry garden.

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From walking sticks to forestry gardening tips

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