Forest Resources from your Woodlots are there for you to Utilize

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Forest resources from your woodlots are there for you to utilize.

On your timberland there are no doubt the conifers that you can utilize for your own use or perhaps you may elect to sell your trees instead of logging them your self.

This is a decision that you will have to make and it will depend to a large extent on your circumstances.

Do you have the need for the lumber and fire wood?

If you do then it would probably make more sense for you to utilize what you have growing on your forestry garden.

If you do not have the need for the trees that you want or need to remove then perhaps it would make better sense for you to sell the trees and thus generate some income.

However things today are not as simple as they were in times past.

Then all you had to do was go down to a mill and offer to sell them your logs.

Today things are more complicated.

Selling your logs

  • You have to check with the laws in the area where you are living

  • Possible that you have to obtain a purchase order from the mill

  • Pay a harvest tax on logs sold

  • Replant the area that was logged

It will depend on where you live as to the laws that govern the selling of logs.

You can no doubt contact the extension service or perhaps even the state IRS in regards to this point.

It may be that you will have to have a purchase order from the mill or log buyer that you are going to sell your logs to.

You may be required to have this in hand before you can sell the logs.

In some states there will be a harvest tax on the logs that you sell.

How sever this is will depend a great deal on how much timber you are selling.

You should count on paying a percent of the income generated in taxes.

After an area is logged of the timberland some states do require you to reforest the area.

As you are developing your forestry garden this will not be an important point.

You were going to replant the area in conifers anyway.

I have seen it time and again were a person with some timberland goes ahead and harvests the timber off their property with the idea of making a lot of money.

They end up with very little net money and their acreage is ruined as far as an eye pleasing forestry garden.

So if this is your way at looking at your timberland I want to caution you to think long and hard about what you are doing.

  • Check out all of the ins and outs of selling your logs.

  • Think about what you want your forestry garden to be.

Numerous resources

There are numerous forest resources on your country garden.

Sprouting up under the trees that offer a windbreak will likely be the mushrooms growing.

Some of these can be harvested for your consumption or you can offer them for sale.

You should make sure you know which ones to pick though.

The deadly ones look just like the ones that will not harm you.

So know what you are doing before jumping in.

The vegetation that is used in flower arrangements came from an area similar to yours.

This depends on the area that you live in but almost all areas have some sort of forest resources that is used in this manner.

There are the parts of the trees that are used in these arrangements also.

Cedar is a common one.

They use just the tip end of the branch in about a foot or so.

You must cut these with caution though to prevent damage to your trees.

If you cut too much off it will hinder the growth and can even kill the tree.

There are the ferns, brush, and mosses just to name a few common ones.

People do go out and harvest these resources from areas just like yours.

It is possible to make some money doing this and the exercise and being with nature is priceless.

Some of your trees will perhaps have a bark that is in demand.

There is the cascara that is used for the laxative.

This is the name of one common one.

Do some research and find the ones that you have and when the correct time is to harvest it.

You must realize though that when you peel the bark off the tree you kill it.

So as you take a good look at your forestry garden you have identified some forest resources that you can harvest to generate some income.

It is now time to get to work.

Get out and be with nature and utilize what is offered.

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