Fire Wood Rack for storing your Fire Wood Eliminate the chance of it falling Down

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Fire wood rack for storing firewood so it will be ready for you to use in your stove this winter.

When you are storing firewood and move your wood into an area where it will be out of the weather and can season so it will be good and dry when you burn it.

You go to all of this trouble stacking the fire wood just so.

Usually in the middle of the night there is a loud unfamiliar noise that comes from the area where you are storing firewood.

This is something that you do not want to happen.

Your rack of wood just fell over.

There is fire wood scattered all over the area and is such a mess that you feel like walking away and giving up.

A Firewood Holder that works

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I have been there more than once.

I came up with the solution to this problem and it doesn't require much time or money to construct a firewood stand that will put an end to this headache.

The following are the material list and plans so you can construct this firewood stand:


  • Bottom rails:



  • Upright rails:



  • Spacers:



  • Back brace:



  • Nails:

    #16 galvanized

    1lb or so (alternate: deck screws)

( all material 2" x 4" )

Construction Instructions


Take the back brace pieces and cut a 45 degree angle on each end.


Lay out the two bottom rails on a flat hard surface and position a spacer flush with the two ends.

Nail this to the rails.


Take another spacer and position it on the other end with half of the width overlapping.

Nail this to the rail.


Lay the upright rails down on hard flat surface and position a spacer flush with the ends, and nail.


With the bottom rails setting on the ground with the spacers facing down, take the upright rails and position them on the rails facing up, 9 3/4 inch from end with the flush spacer that is installed on the bottom rail.


Secure the upright rails to the bottom rails.

Then take the back brace with a 45 degree angle on each end and secure this to the bottom rail and the upright rail.


I use the 2" x 4" random lengths for the spans between the rails with support spacers at 4ft or so.

Place one end of the span on the overlap of the rack.

Use a level to get everything level and plumb.

When the fire wood is stacked on this it's almost impossible for the fire wood rack to tip over.

You have now constructed a fire wood rack that will work well for you and eliminate the frustration of having all of your hard work tumbling over in the middle of the night.

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