Enjoy Forestry Garden as you are making a family days out

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Enjoy forestry garden as you are making a family days out for a walk in the woods of your garden.

This is an opportune time for you to just get out and enjoy some of the fruits of your labor.

This is especially enjoyable in the autumn when you can enjoy the fall foliage.

You have turned your country acreage into a forestry garden with hiking trails as you utilized the natural resources from your acreage.

If you followed the tips offered on this site forestry gardening tips you have created an eye pleasing garden.

One that is opened up where it is easy to observe the natural vegetation and wildlife.

There are the trails throughout the areas that are cleared of vegetation.

You have made trails that are easy and safe to be hiked on.

Make this an occasion to make a family days out.

Pack a picnic lunch and hike the trails and have a picnic as you enjoy the fall foliage.

Educate family and friends as to what it means to take an area such as this and turn it into a sustainable forest.

One that will keep on going for many generations supplying a valuable resource.

Amaze them with your knowledge of the surrounding vegetation.

Make sure you point out those that are harmful, poison oak, poison ivy, and foxglove just to name a few that are common.

Caution them to keep their distance from these.

Might also point out what treatment to use if they do get infected.

If your forestry garden is suited for such a thing, it may be a good idea to construct a remote cabin.

This offers an ideal retreat and is an excellent way to enjoy forestry garden.

Someplace to go and just get away from the usual routine of everyday life.

You have the means and materials available and if you followed the forestry gardening tips offered on this site all you need is to locate a spot and go for it.

This can turn into a very productive family days out function.

This will make for an opportunity for the family to function together and accomplish something that they can and will all enjoy when completed.

Observe your seedlings

You went to all the trouble and effort to plant your tree seedlings in the ground.

Now it is time for you to observe them and watch as they turn into a young tree and then into a mature tree.

This is a way to enjoy forestry garden as they go through the different stages of the growth cycle.

You can look on them and explain to those that are interested this is because of all your effort and time.

Make sure you also explain to them that in the future these small seedlings will turn into a mature forest such as the one over there, if you have one.

I like to point out to those that are ignorant in the way of the forest that there are stages of growth that a forest must go through.

I also like to compare my garden to a vegetable garden.

More people can relate to a vegetable garden than they can a forest garden.

So as you enjoy forestry garden take the time to educate those around you that are open to wanting to learn something of what you have accomplished.

The knowledge that you have to pass on is more than they can get from books or the media.

If you want to tackle the job of building your own cabin you can go to this site to get some information on how to go about doing this the correct way the first time:

log cabin

Perhaps you want a kit cabin.  All of the parts pre-cut and then all you need do is put it together with well laid out plans.  The following site will let you choose this option:

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