Chain saw safety and Tips on chain saw protective clothing and operation

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Chain saw safety must be foremost in your mind when you start operating a chain saw.

You should also be aware of the chain saw protective clothing that is offered

The following are some useful tips on

saw safety, protective clothing, as well as some operation tips.

If you are going to turn your country acreage into a forestry garden you will be using a chain saw.

When you operate one of these it will be to your advantage to follow the safety tips offered here.

If you break some of your body parts, you will not only be in pain, but it will slow down your objective of making a forestry garden out of your country acreage.

Chain saw protective clothing

  • Boots:

    Leather, 6” or 8”

    gives you ankle support

  • Gloves:

    Protection for your hands

  • Chain saw chaps: Protect your legs

  • Hardhat : Head protection

  • Eye protection: Keep debris out of eyes

  • Hearing protection:

    Protect your hearing

There is a lot of chain saw equipment that is of the chain saw safety nature.

When you start using a saw it will be to your advantage if you use what is available.

You are going to be operating the chain saw in rough terrain so good sturdy footwear is very important.

I think that 6inch or 8inch leather is the way to go.

This will give you ankle support and also a stable platform to walk or stand on.

This is part of the protective clothing and a very important item.

These boots need to have a good tread pattern on the soles.

You need to concentrate on the safe operation of running the chainsaw.

You do not need to be concerned about having good footing. These boots will also offer you protection from falling objects and in the rare occasion, protection from being cut, by axe or chain.

Another item on the protective clothing list is a pair of good tough gloves.

These are a must to keep your hands from getting cut or bruised.

I believe that the heavy cotton, canvas gloves, like the loggers’ use are the ideal choice.

Chain saw chaps are another of the chain saw safety items.

This is one of the items of the safety clothing that could very well protect you in the unlikely occasion where the axe or chain comes in contact with your legs.

The chain saw chaps not only protect you from being cut but they also protect you from debris that flies back on your legs as you run the chain saw.

Something to protect your head from injury is another item of safety clothing that is a very good idea to utilize.

In the old days a Tin hat was the loggers choice, but with the new age, the modern thing is plastic.

When you have one of these on and if an object falls on your head, you will be protected from a possible fatal injury.

Eye protection is part of the chain saw protective clothing.

When you start cutting there are a lot of flying debris and some of them will hit you.

Some of these will find their way into your eyes.

This is uncomfortable and can be dangerous.

There will be a high level of noise.

If you want to prevent hearing loss it is a good idea to use some sort of protection.

Unfortunately once we lose our hearing it is gone, so protect it.

Some of the chain saw safety protective clothing may be awkward at first to use.

It will be to your advantage to get accustomed to using this.

If you are going to be using a chain saw on your forestry garden you do not want to be injured.

This takes the fun out of this journey of yours.

Chain saw safety for cutting

When you obtain a chain saw one of the important first things you need to do is.

Study the safety section of the operator manual.

Always keep your left arm locked and your hand on the upper handle bar.

You do this to prevent the saw coming back towards your body

Your hands and arms are secured on the saw, however your legs and feet are still free to get in the way.

Keep track of these and make sure they are out of harms way

When you get prepared to cut something take a look at it and try to determine what is going to happen when you complete the cut.

Make sure you are not in the path it is going, in the bite.

I had an old time cutter give me a good safety hint that I use when falling a leaning tree, or one with stress on it.

After putting the undercut in, cut into the two sides a couple of inches before you make the back cut.

This will relieve the pressure and can prevent the splitting, or barber chair, which will come back at you.

If you are too close this can do great bodily harm to you.
chain tre

Another thing you can do in this same situation is to wrap a chain around the tree.

Position this chain up high enough, so it will not be hit with the saw chain.

When you use a chain in this manner you have effectively prevented any chance of the tree splitting.

A chain saw is a very necessary piece of equipment that you need to use on your country acreage as you are turning it into a forestry garden.

You will be capable of the safe and easy operation of the saw, if you follow the tips that I have presented here.

You will get the necessary tasks done and when you take a look at what you have managed to accomplish in your forestry garden, you will have the satisfaction of knowing it was done by your sweat and effort.

When following the chain saw safety outlined here, it was done safely.

Now that you have determined that you need some type of safety equipment, you can go to the following site and get the needed information that you need:

Husqvarna 531307180 Chain Saw Protective Apparel Powerkit, Professional

From chain saw safety to chain saws selection

From chain saw safety to forestry gardening tips

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