Chain saw Equipment what type of Forestry Tools you need to make the Use of the Chain saw Safer and Easier

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Chain saw equipment what type of forestry tools you need

to make your task of using a chainsaw safer and easier.

You have acquired a chain saw for use on your forestry garden and now are faced with the task of having to cut up the trees that you want or need to utilize either for fire wood or lumber.

You have had the time to study the safety manual and to check out the chain saw safety page on this site.

So now you are ready to make some sawdust.

There are some forestry tools that you need to have on hand

  • The safety equipment: eye, ear, protective clothing
  • Plastic wedges
  • Axe
  • Tape measure

You need to have on hand and utilize the safety chain saw equipment.

Eye, ear and the protective clothing.

This will not only protect you from injury but will also keep you from getting injured and prolonging the completion of your tasks.

axe wedge

When you are faced with the task of having to cut the larger trees it is a good idea to use a piece of logging equipment known as a plastic wedge.

When you start cutting down through a log and relieve the pressure the cut will either open up or close in.

When the two sides of the cut come together and if your bar is there it will get pinched.

When this happens you can not move it up or down.

This is a bad situation to be in.

The way to prevent this from happening to you is to use chain saw equipment know as a plastic wedge.

Do not use just any type of wedge.

Use a plastic wedge.

Plastic is used because on a rare occasion the chain from the chain saw may come in contact with the wedge.

Chains do not withstand cutting hard material such as steel.

When this does happen the saw can kickback.

This can cause you to be injured.

It will definitely damage the chain.

So make sure you use the plastic wedge and drive it into the cut after the chain has cleared enough to where it will not come in contact with the wedge.

If it is a large log you can use two wedges spaced a distance apart.

Use the flat side of the axe to drive the wedge in.

I like to use a lighter single bit axe.

It fits me and I can use it safely and easily.

You do not need an axe that has a lot of weight to it because you are not going to be driving the wedges in a great distance.

The plastic wedges are designed to take a certain amount of abuse, but if you pound on them too hard they can and will shatter.

So use some common sense about how hard you hit them.

After using them for a short period of time you will get the knack of this.

Just insert the wedge enough in the cut to make clearance for the bar.

Do not try and make this gap a lot wider than this.

If you do it is possible that you can generate pressure on the material not cut yet and this can make the cut split out.

This makes the cut look as if you didn't know what you were doing.

When you are falling a large tree you can and should insert the plastic wedge in the back cut just as soon as the bar gives you enough room to do so.

When used this way you make sure the tree will not lean back and pinch your bar.

You do not want this to happen.

Unfortunately you can only do this on the trees that are large enough in diameter.

When doing this you can continue to drive the wedge or wedges in as you cut.

This will make the tree go in the direction you want it to go.

Measure length of logs

As you are cutting your trees on your forestry there are those that you have decided to make into logs for lumber.

You need to cut the logs a certain length so they can be made into lumber that you are going to use for a project.

Unless you have a very good eye for distance you are going to have need of a tape measure a forestry tool.

I like to use what is known as a loggers tape a part of chain saw equipment.

It is possible to use any type of tape for this task, but it is going to be hard on something that isn't suited for using out in the brush.

After ruining a few tapes you will start to think that there is something that is better suited.

With the loggers tape you can use one of these for years with out damage if you use it with some common sense.

It is well worth the investment to use something that will give you the correct length measure time and again.

Remember that once you cut the log that is it, no going back.

So if you obtain the chain saw equipment mentioned here and use it as it is designed to be used you will safely and easily do the required tasks that you need to accomplish on your forestry garden.

Now that you have realized that you need this type of equipment, you can go to the following site to get more information on this type of equipment that you need:

plastic wedges

You will need a good quality axe that you can handle safely and easily.  Go to the following site to get more information on this tool:

Fiskars 7857 X15 23.5-Inch Chopping Axe

When you have the need to cut your trees into a suitable log length you need a tape measure that will stand up to this chore.  The following site will give you the needed information on this tool:

50' Spencer Diameter Tape ft/8ths (950C) each

A handy way to mark your trees for cutting into firewood or logs is with a lumber crayon.  These are designed for this application and work well.  Go to the following site to get more information on this:

Dixon 52100 Lumber Marking Crayons, Blue, 12-Pack Dixon Ticonderoga 00500 Standard Lumber Crayon Holder, Walnut

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