Blower Wood Planer use to Move the Wood Shavings

Blower wood planer use to move the wood shavings away from your wood planer.

As you plane boards with your planer you will be amazed how many shavings that are produced.

It is hard on the machinery and can also decrease the quality of the planed boards. The shavings can hinder the in and out feed rolls.

When you plane a board you will notice that there is a lot of dust created. This dust will settle on the machinery and you will breath it.

By using a blower you can and will eliminate this dust problem. This will make for safety from fire, as well as for you.

I didn't know what type of blower I would need so I obtained this book and it gave me the needed information:

Dust Collection Basics

Woodstock International Inc

Item # W1050

After studying this book I came up with the need for a 1/2hp 350cfm blower with 4inch pipe.

Make sure you use the flex hose designed for dust collection. This is smooth on the inside cutting down on resistance.

You want to strive to eliminate as much resistance as possible. The resistance will hinder the moving of the material thru the system, not a good thing.

Try and keep your bends down to the minimum. Each bend adds resistance.

I installed the blower wood planer in the rafters of the structure over the planer. I elected to hardwire an on and off switch attached to the planer where the other switch's are located. Normally you do not turn this on and off all that much. You could elect to use a remote on and off if that would suit you better.

Normally the planer does not move so you do not need to allow for this. I did leave enough slack on the inlet end so I can take the hose loose from the planer and then use it to clean up the shavings that collects on the floor. Works well and it beats the shoveling thing.

The outlet side is more forgiving as far as length goes. I have around 60ft of the 4inch drain pipe connected. This is very slick on the inside so it has very little resistance. I do not glue the joints of the pipe that is laying in areas that I need to do other things.

When done planing I simply slip the joints apart and remove the pipe and store it for the next time I need it.

You can direct the shavings to go to any location you desire. Use these shavings for mulch around your garden or as bedding for your livestock or pets. This is a valuable resource and you should strive to utilize it.

So, obtain and set up the blower wood planer and eliminate or cut down on your having to shovel all of the wood shavings. Put fun back into work.

You can go to this site and get some needed information on the equipment that you will need to build one of these labor saving dust collectors:

dust collector

If you can not find what you are looking for from the above site then you can go to these following sites and check out what they have to offer:

After you obtain a dust blower you will need the hose to connect it up.  Go to this site to obtain the needed information on this:

If you feel you need more information about shavings removal you can obtain the book: Dust Collection Basics at this site:

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